Lunch Menu

Lunch Menu

Small Plates

Potato, Bacon & Leek Soup…5 GF*

Baked Pimento Cheese | red pepper marmalade, wonton chips…9

Fried Green Tomatoes | corn salsa, creamy horseradish sauce…9.5

Deviled Eggs| 2 each…pickle, bacon, traditional …7.5 GF*



Fried Okra Salad | corn, tomato, tasso ham, apples, grilled onion, cider vinaigrette…11

Mixed Greens Salad | aged white cheddar, pumpkin seeds, orange mustard vinaigrette…8.5 GF*

Trio Platter | mixed greens, tuna salad, cranberry & pecan chicken salad, potato salad…11 GF*


Salad Additions… grilled chicken…half 6… full 12 GF* | tuna salad…7 GF*

cranberry & pecan chicken salad…8 | fried chicken…9 | shrimp…12 GF*

Big Plates

served with side

New South Burger** |salem hills beef, pimento cheese, bacon, lettuce, tomato…16.5

Cranberry & Pecan Chicken Salad Sandwich| lettuce, tomato…9

Crispy Chicken Sandwich | pimento cheese, pickles, spicy mayo…11

Grilled Chicken Sandwich | goat cheese, spicy mayo, lettuce, tomato…11

Tuna Salad Sandwich | lettuce, tomatoes, bread & butters, dijon…9

Southern Grilled Cheese | fried green tomatoes, pimento cheese, bacon tomato jam…10

Fried Chicken | gravy, spiked honey, bread & butter zucchini…15

Chicken & Waffle | fried breast strips, cheddar chive waffle, gravy, jalapeno jelly– no side included…19

Blackened Meatloaf | salem hills beef, heritage pork, onion demi, bacon tomato jam…14

Fish & Chips| nc flounder, fingerling potatoes, caper chive tartar sauce…14

Blackened Carolina Catfish | smoked aioli, grits cake, marinated tomatoes…16


Mashed Potatoes GF* | Fries | Succotash GF* | Fried Okra | Mac & Cheese

 Collards GF* | Soup | Potato Salad GF*


As we slowly return to the old normal, we want to say thank you to everyone that, so generously, supported us through all the restrictions restaurants were forced to deal with.  Now that they have been lifted, we ask for your patience as we deal with an industry wide labor shortage.  Service times may be a bit longer and menus may be temporarily abbreviated.  Please know that we are trying our best to work through these problems and that our commitment to providing the best experience for you, with the resources we have, is always our priority!

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