Family Meals

Family Size Meals

available to go only after 4pm
 all meals feed 3-4 people

Fried Chicken Breast | gravy, spiked honey, bread & butter zucchini, 3 sides…66

 Roasted 1/2 Chicken | sungold tomatoes, truffle jus, 3 sides…72

Shrimp & Grits | tasso ham, onions & peppers, tomato butter, mixed greens salad…69

 Chicken & Waffle | cheddar chive waffle, fried chicken, gravy, pepper jelly, mixed greens salad…54

 KT’S Penne | roasted chicken, bacon, tomato cream sauce, mixed greens salad…51

 Blackened Meatloaf | heritage pork, salem hills beef, onion demi, bacon tomato jam, 3 sides…60


Mashed Potatoes GF* | Collards GF* | Creamy Grits GF* | Fried Okra

Mac & Cheese | Succotash GF* | Roasted Sweet Potatoes GF*


GF* This item is gluten free.  Please note, normal kitchen operations involve shared cooking and preparation areas with foods that contain gluten and other known allergens.

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